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"Thanks for having me. At the moment in the process of keto-adaptation.."
6 hours ago
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Sammi Shikk posted a blog post

Healing with TURPENTINE!

I would say this is for the more advanced.  I have been doing this for about a month now with great results...Make sure you get the Pure Gum Pine Spirits.  I do a 'dropper full' into a TBL of raw honey and mix.  It needs a honey or an oil as a carrier.Anyone else have experience with this?Info and research below:…See More
marvin ramirez posted a blog post

Homemade Sea Snax Recipe

 Ingredients:Earthshift Coconut oilQuality Cold pressed Spanish olive oilEarthshift Cayenne powderSumac powderEarthshift Raw nori sheetsOrganic sesame seeds Mix equal parts  2 tablespoons olive oil and  2 tablespoons coconut oil in separate mixing bowling. Mix well together until coconut oil dissolves. A double boiler may be used or minimal heat to help dissolve coconut oil. Once oils are the same viscosity pour into a Misto sprayer of simply brush onto raw nori sheets.Sprinkle your favorite…See More

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MMS, hydrogen peroxide

Has anyone here used controversial agent MMS, hydrogen peroxide or other oxidative agents? I was leery of taking them as I've been taking antioxidant supplements since the 70's but I've had very good results. I don't think they should be taken year round but feel an occasional course is beneficial. What experiences have other people had?

Posted by Nic E. Roberts on June 6, 2015 at 2:12pm

Prill water

Has anyone here experimented with prill water or other forms of structured water? What were your experiences? I feel prill water is the most vitalizing, delicious water I've ever drunk. Prills are little beads of magnesium oxide and can be purchased inexpensively online. It's thinner than ordinary water with a very low surface tension and has a sweet delicious taste. It revives sick and dying plants in a manner that has to be seen to be believed. Pets love it and it makes them noticeably…


Posted by Nic E. Roberts on June 6, 2015 at 1:55pm

I seriously need help with this parasite cleanse! Yeast-Candida-Worms

Joined this community so that I can get advice for my cleansing. I want to remove all parasites but dont want to lose weight. I understand thats difficult seeing as when you go raw vegan. When you cutt out proccesed foods meats,sugars,processed carbs and dairy you start to lose weight. Seeing as thats what they feed and live in.So right now I eat raw veggies,raw nutts & seeds, and raw smoothis/liquids full off protien,minerals,superherbs tea.(fallowing chinese/indian medicene) Its…


Posted by Vincent Radcke on June 1, 2015 at 1:17pm — 1 Comment

First brain tumor age 19, still battling at age 25

My baby brother is possibly the perfect kid.  He's has never smoked a cigarette, never drank a drop of alcohol.  Is part of the straightedge skateboarding click.  At age 19 he discovered he had a brain tumor in the front, right side of his brain, by the language area.  He has had 4 surgeries.  The first 3 guaranteed that his tumor was removed but it returned.  This past surgery they did not remove the entire tumor for fear of it affecting his speech. The doctors convinced him to undergo…


Posted by Marika Sadkowska on May 26, 2015 at 5:36pm — 4 Comments


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